About the Artist


Loretta began her glass journey as an outlet from the computer industry in 1990.  It started with stained glass during the long winter evenings in Edmonton Alberta with another friend that had taken up stained glass.  She started with a design from Carolyn Kyle Inside the Secret Garden -- taking approximately 2 years of evenings here and there over the long winter months.  This piece hangs in Loretta’s house today.  Over the years, Loretta has done many more stained glass pieces and and taken up fused glass and jewellery making.

Fused sinks and lamp shades are the latest adventures on Loretta’s Glass journey.    

Loretta has started to paint using oils.  Some of the latest work is on the web site and available for sale.  Please contact Loretta for custom orders. 

Contact Loretta @ loretta@2lamda.com

About the Photographer


All pictures are by Lewis Davies, a professional photographer in Lethbridge, that specializes in illustration photography. Also visit his website at 2lamda.com. 

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